Some projects that are followed by members of the DASPLab:

Open Citations
The OpenCitations project aims to creating the Open Citations Corpus (OCC), an open repository of scholarly citation data made available under a Creative Commons public domain dedication, which provides in RDF accurate citation information (bibliographic references) harvested from the scholarly literature.
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RASH (Research Articles in Simplified HTML) is a markup language defined as a subset of HTML+RDF for writing scientific articles. The RASH framework also includes tools to convert RASH into different formats, to extract data from it and to export semantic information.
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The SCAR project is in collaboration with Elsevier. The goal is to enrich bibliographies by adding explicit metadata about individual bibliographic entries and to characterizes these entries according to multiple criteria. The SCAR prototype is based on semantic publishing technologies, models and tools developed by the DASPLab.
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Semantic Lancet
The Semantic Lancet Project is focused on building a Linked Open Dataset on scholarly publications. The current dataset contains metadata about all papers published in the Journal of Web Semantics by Elsevier.
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Smart Structured Editor
The Smart Structured Editor (SSE) project is in collaboration with Alstom. The goal is to build a flexible and customizable authoring environment to help users to produce technical documentation. The tool will also support sophisticated content inclusions, templates, versioning and change-tracking.
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The SPAR Ontologies are a set of modular OWL 2 DL ontologies for describing all the main aspects of publishing domain.
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